Medallion Transport Holdings was formed in January 2009, during the worst financial time since the great depression. Founded by Gary Weilheimer, the mission of Medallion was to form and build a company based on core values, Medallion, through its operating subsidiaries has built a superior network of Freight Agents, Owner Operators and Carriers dedicated to providing the highest level of service and safety.

Key Members

Gary Weilheimer – CEO
Richard Panuski – Executive VP
Sean Bauder – CFO
Melissa Phillips – VP Safety & Risk
Jesse Merrell – VP Heavy Haul
Kim Spellman – Medallion Hospitality
Mindy Davis – Medallion Transport Services Operation Manager
Don Davis – Medallion Transport Services Business Development

Core Values

The safe way is the best way.

Integrity is earned, fostered and maintained based on your actions.

Accountability is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are Accountable.

Effective communication is the tool that builds understanding, and generates a framework for success.

Providing our customers, agents and truck capacity the resources to succeed and endure.